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What If


"What If" is our series of monthly devotionals, focusing on different areas of what we are called to in our daily Christian lives, and the impact it would have if we made them a greater focus on a daily basis.

Each "What If" is available as a downloadable PDF below and has a brief overview of the topic, along with a monthly challenge that, hopefully, will encourage us to grow in our relationship with God, and have a greater impact in our communities, for the Kingdom.

Part 1 - What if : We Devoted Ourselves to Prayer?
Part 2 - What if : We Encouraged One Another Daily?
Part 3 - What if : We Spent More Time Resting in God?
Part 4 - What if : We Truly Loved God with Everything we are?
Part 5 - What if : We Truly Loved our Neighbours as Ourselves?
Part 6 - What if : Our Words Brought Life in every Situation?
Part 7 - What if : We Truly Lived in Completed Freedom?
Part 8 - What if : Our Lives Fully Reflected the Fruit of The Spirit?
Part 9 - What if : We Lived Fully Expectant for God to Use Us?
Part 10 - What if : We Truly Lived by Faith and not by Sight?
Part 11 - What if : We Submitted our Lives Completely to God?
Part 12 - What if : We Never Forgot our First Love?
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