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We read in the Bible about how the early Church devoted themselves to following God and also committed to each other in community.


We believe that the church is a family of believers with our relationships centred on Jesus and that significant, sustained life change happens through these relationships.


The Bible shows the picture of believers meeting regularly in each other’s homes eating together, praying, studying the Bible and praising God.


We therefore place a high value on doing the same; that is what a Home Group is and we encourage everyone to get involved.


These smaller groups of people, from all walks of life, meet in various homes across the town. It’s a place we develop authentic relationships, where masks are removed and we are known, accepted and loved as we journey life together.

If you would like to know more about Home Groups and being a part of one, please speak to one of the leaders on a Sunday or fill in as much information on this form as you feel would be helpful, and we will contact you. Thanks

Thanks for getting in touch!


Tuesday - Southgate (2 Locations) @ 7:30pm

Wednesday - Pound Hill @ 7:45pm

Wednesday - Worth @ 7:30pm

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