How Can We Pray For You?

At ChristChurch, we know that many people are feeling anxious or struggling with the current situation and Covid-19.

We are committed to praying for our communities, our town and for anyone who needs it. If you would like us to pray for you about anything, please get in touch:

CLICK HERE for our Prayer Requests Page.

Latest Updates

Sunday Service – Bookings

If you would like to attend our Sunday Service, please read the bullet points below (and the full Covid-19 guidelines linked under them) and then click “Continue Reading” at the bottom to access the full booking form.

Please note that the booking form will be online from Monday (9am) to Friday (10pm) each week (unless we reach maximum capacity, in which case, it will be taken offline at that point).

ChristChurch Sunday Meetings in Bullet Points* 

  • It will be very different from before lockdown. 
  • Everyone will have to wear facemasks
  • You will have to use hand sanitiser. 
  • There will be limited numbers allowed to attend each week and you will have to agree to the code of conduct. 
  • There is a booking system online for each week – we will endeavour to make sure people who want to come get an opportunity to do so at least once a month. 
  • We are now able to have children of all ages attend, but ask that all parents of primary aged children and younger each attend at least one week on their own before they bring their children.
  • You can’t walk around and socialise and will have to keep to your seat. 
  • Use of the toilets must be kept to an absolute minimum. 
  • There is a one-way system for entrance and exit. 
  • You can sing but not loudly. 
  • Everyone will have to leave promptly after the meeting with no chatting in the car park. 

(Please contact us if you need anything to be clarified)

*Click Here to read the full Covid19 guidelines for attending one of our meetings

If you would like to read the full Covid-19 Risk Assessment, please contact James directly or get in touch via our contact page.

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Corporate Prayer Meetings are Starting Again

This weekend we are starting back with Corporate Prayer at the building. It will be from 17:30 – 18:00.

The hall will be set up with pairs of chairs spaced at the relevant distances (total of 30 seats per week). We will NOT be requiring pre-booking, although the same Code of Conduct applies as for the morning meeting. If someone arrives that was not at church in the morning they will be asked to agree to the same list of questions as a Sunday morning booking requires. We will also have a list of who is there for Test and Trace purposes.

To start with we will not be having corporate worship as part of the prayer meeting and masks must be worn for the duration in keeping with government guidance.

We will endeavour to do a live stream for those unable to make it. This may very well be a bit hit and miss while we find our way, iron out issues and test different platforms. If you have any queries, please contact James (contact details can be found on our Get In Touch page).


Sunday Service – 18th October 2020

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