Sunday Service – 13th September 2020

One Name Lyrics

Verse 1

Open our eyes to see, the glory of your never-ending majesty,
We join our song in praise as all the angels sing, Jesus seated high above it all.

Verse 2

And all our other loves, pale before the risen Sun of Righteousness,
We’re standing in the presence of Your holiness, Jesus seated high above it all


There is just one name, over every other name
You receive eternal praise, Jesus


There is only one name glorified
There is only Jesus lifted high, o-o-oh

Verse 3

And every knee will bow, in the skies above and on the earth below
When every voice proclaims what we already know, Jesus seated high above it all

There's no one like our God, there's no one like our King
Praise His name, above everything (o-o-oh)

Agnes Dei Lyrics

Alleluia, Alleluia, for our Lord God Almighty reigns

Holy, Holy, are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb

You are Holy, Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb, Worthy is the Lamb

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