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Characteristics of Being a Base Church: Living the Prophetic Life

Characteristics of a Base Church: Contributing to Family Life

Characteristics of a Base Church: Contending Together

Being a Base Church: People Matter to God

Being a Base Church: Don’t Lose Your First Love

Church – Local with Translocal Partnership

Being a Base Church: Let the Word Ring Out – Translocal Ministry

Being a Base Church: Taking the Hill Country – Moving From Visionary to Visionaries

God the Gardner – Seeds and Sowing

God The Gardiner – Pruning

Pots In The Garden – Who We Are In Christ


Leadership In Church Culture

Self Leadership, Living Out Biblical Church Culture

Developing a Culture of Discipleship

A Culture of Invitation

Developing an Organic Church Culture

Revelation 13:14-20 – Lukewarm and Deceived

Culture of Faith

Culture of Humility

Culture of Creativity

Culture of Worship

Culture of being servant hearted

Culture Of Prayer

Culture of Generosity

Culture of Evangelism, Witnessing and Church Planting

Culture Of Truth

Spirit-Led Life: Part 10 – Our Purpose

The Marvellous Gift

A Heart Of Worship

Spirit-Led Life: Part 9 – Using your gifts

Spirit-Led Life: Part 8 – Don’t Waste Your Gift

Spirit-Led Life: Part 7 – Discovering Your Gifts

Spirit-Led Life: Part 6 – 9-Fold Manifestation Gifts, Part 2

Spirit-Led Life: Part 5 – Prophecy, Tongues & Interpretation

First Sunday Of 2022

Carol Service

Demystifying Prophecy

Spirit-Led Life: Part 4 – Romans 12 (Motivational) Gifts

Spirit-Led Life: Part 3 – Ministry Gifts

Spirit-Led Life: Part 2

Spirit-Led Life: Part 1

The Places We Find Ourselves

Church: Summarising Previous Weeks

Church: As an Army

Church: The Flock of Jesus

Church: A Building Where God Dwells

Church: The Family of God

Church: The Bride of Christ

Church: The Body of Christ

The Shoes of an Ambassador

God: Abounding In Love And Faithfulness

Acts Week 5 – Facing Opposition

Acts Week 4 – God Is Able

Acts Week 3 – Tale of Two Temples

Acts Week 2 – Pentecost

Acts Week 1 – Before You Go

Jesus Never Changes


Colossians Week 11

Colossians Week 10

Colossians Week 9 – Part 2

Colossians Week 9 – Part 1

Colossians Week 8 – Part 2

Colossians Week 8 – Part 1

Colossians Week 7 – Part 2

Colossians Week 7 – Part 1

Colossians Week 6 – Part 2

Colossians Week 6 – Part 1

Colossians Week 5 – Part 2

Colossians Week 5 – Part 1

Colossians Week 4 – Part 2

Colossians Week 4 – Part 1

Colossians Week 3 – Part 2

Colossians Week 3 – Part 1

Colossians Week 2 – Part 2

Colossians Week 2 – Part 1

Colossians Week 1 – Part 2

Colossians Week 1 – Part 1

Courageous Church