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For Freedom’s Sake: Part Four

God And My Town

For Freedom’s Sake: Part Three

God And My Work

For Freedom’s Sake: Part Two

God And My Neighbours

God And My Time

For Freedom’s Sake: Part One

God And My Home

Love Is The Beginning

God And My Relationships

The Good Shepherd

God And My Future

The Person Of Peace And Rest

God And My Past

God Is A Pursuer Of People

The Lordship of Jesus

He Loves And Let’s Go

The Full Extent of Love

How He Loves Us

Position and Posture

Discouragement And Discipleship

Try And Try Again

Fishers of Men

A “Being” Attitude

Discipleship Part 2

Taking The Time To Love

Fan Or Disciple?

Philippians Part 10: Kill The Serpent

Encountering God

Philippians Part 9: What Goes In, Comes Out

Daniel 10: Know the Battle

Philippians Part 8: Therefore

Daniel 9 – Holding the hand of God

Daniel 7: Return Of Jesus

The Miracle of Humility

Philippians Part 7: Civil War

Daniel 5 – Grant Crawford

Philippians Part 6: Legalism Stinks

Daniel 4 – God is sovereign

Philippians Part 5

We are all Builders – Nathan Filewood

Philippians Part 4 : Dirty Word?

Feedback from France + Dreaming Big

Daniel Chapter 6

Philippians Part 3: Outpost Of Heaven

Love Much

Philippians Part 2: Chains And The Gospel

Daniel Chapter 3: Walking Through Flames

Philippians Part 1

Daniel Chapter 1

Colossians Part 9: Five Simple Steps

Clothed In Godliness

Colossians Part 8: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Easter Sunday

Colossians Part 7: What Not To Wear

Jesus Is A Problem, Collision

Colossians Part 6: Four Decoys

It’s Not in Vain

Colossians Part 5: Deep And Wide

Unity, Maturity, Security

Colossians Part 4: Power Struggle

Living By Design

Colossians Part 3: Jesus Plus Nothing

We Speak Death Or Revival

Colossians Part 2: What Paul Prayed

Who Is It That God Is Stirring My Heart For?

Colossians Part 1: Strong On The Inside

What Do You Want?

Step Up

Be Ready For The Day To Come

Live Like You Are Alive

Live Like You’re Alive

Living With A Healthy Heart

Don’t Stop Until You’re Finished

Leave The Altars Behind

Forget The Former Things

Reclaim Our Passion

The Church’s Role At Christmas

Advent: Worship

Our Hope Is Well Placed In Christ

Advent: God With Us

Don’t Worry

Advent: In The Waiting

In Christ Alone

Ecclesiastes Part 28: The End Of The Matter

1 Thessalonians: Chapters 4 & 5

Ecclesiastes Part 27: We Don’t Know Our Time

Ecclesiastes Part 26: The King’s Say So

1 Thessalonians 2: The Church & The Word

Ecclesiastes Part 25: Wisdom Changes Our Countenance

Waiting for Jesus

Ecclesiastes Part 24: Your Wisdom Is Deep

The 5 Solas: Reformation Truths

Session 9: Keys To Impact (Part Two)

Session 8: Keys To Impact (Part One)

Session 7: Three Questions

Session 6: Dynamics Of Church Planting

Session 5: Privilege Or Price

Session 4: Church Planting

Session 3: Mandated To Multiply (Part Two)

Session 2: Mandated To Multiply (Part One)

Session 1: Empowered For Effectiveness

Truth & Freedom

Ecclesiastes Part 23: Wisdom Is Strength

1 Thessalonians 2

I Won’t Be Out Sung

Ecclesiastes Part 21: The Life In Between

1 Thessalonians 1

Ecclesiastes Part 20: The Crooked Lot

1 Thessalonians Part 1: Intro Week

Ecclesiastes Part 19: Looking Ahead

Letting God Lead Us

Ecclesiastes Part 18: Wisdom’s Correction

Letting God Love Us

Ecclesiastes Part 17: Better and Better

Ecclesiastes Part 16: The Power To Enjoy

Which Me Is The Real Me?

Who’s In Control?

Ecclesiastes Part 15: Don’t Be Surprised

Why Go To Jesus?

Where Do You Go?

Ecclesiastes Part 13: Don’t Talk Too Much

The Church: Part 2

Ecclesiastes Part 12: In Spirit And In Truth

The Church: Part 1

Calling All The Weary Wanderers

Ecclesiastes Part 10: The Quest for Justice

This Is The Time


Maturity: Contributing More Than You Consume

God Our Father

Ecclesiastes Part 6

Compassion For The Lost

Look To God

Aroma Of Christ

Ecclesiastes Part 5

‘I Would Rather Drown, Than Die Wondering’

Ecclesiastes Part 4

Sowing Seed

Ecclesiastes Part 3

The Lost Boys

Ecclesiastes Part 2

Created To Be A Blessing

Lose The Brolly

Easter Message

Gifts of The Spirit

Spiritual Gifts


Fellowship With The Holy Spirit

Led By The Holy Spirit (Is Like Two Man Kayaking)

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Understanding Grace: Part 6

Understanding Grace: Part 5

Understanding Grace: Part 4

Understanding Grace: Part 3

Understanding Grace: Part 2

Understanding Grace: Part 1

Prayer & Fasting

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 4

The Incredible Gift

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 3

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 2

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 1

Freedom Part 6: Freedom Of Total Forgiveness

Freedom Part 5: Free To Be Me, Free To Dream

Freedom Part 4: Freedom From A Poverty Mentality

Freedom Part 2

Freedom Part 1