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Ecclesiastes Part 23: Wisdom Is Strength

1 Thessalonians 2

I Won’t Be Out Sung

1 Thessalonians 1

Ecclesiastes Part 20: The Crooked Lot

1 Thessalonians Part 1: Intro Week

Ecclesiastes Part 19: Looking Ahead

Letting God Lead Us

Ecclesiastes Part 18: Wisdom’s Correction

Letting God Love Us

Ecclesiastes Part 17: Better and Better

Ecclesiastes Part 16: The Power To Enjoy

Which Me Is The Real Me?

Who’s In Control?

Why Go To Jesus?

Where Do You Go?

The Church: Part 2

The Church: Part 1

Calling All The Weary Wanderers

This Is The Time


God Our Father

Ecclesiastes Part 6

Compassion For The Lost

Look To God

Aroma Of Christ

Ecclesiastes Part 5

Ecclesiastes Part 4

Sowing Seed

Ecclesiastes Part 3

The Lost Boys

Ecclesiastes Part 2

Created To Be A Blessing

Lose The Brolly

Easter Message

Gifts of The Spirit

Spiritual Gifts


Fellowship With The Holy Spirit

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Understanding Grace: Part 6

Understanding Grace: Part 5

Understanding Grace: Part 4

Understanding Grace: Part 3

Understanding Grace: Part 2

Understanding Grace: Part 1

Prayer & Fasting

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 4

The Incredible Gift

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 3

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 2

Advent Of Our Peace: Part 1

Freedom Part 2

Freedom Part 1

Moving On To Maturity


Voices In The Desert

Parables Part 11: Parable Of The Talents

Parables Part 8: Old & New Treasures

Parables Part 7: The Net

Parables Part 4: Mustard Seed

Parables Part 3: The Sower

Parables Part 2: Wine Skins

Parables Part 1: Salt & Light

Don’t Neglect The Kindness Of God

Beyond Broken

Waiting Makes You Stronger